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about our factory

We manufactured products with technical strength and high quality, so we have knowledge and wisdom about them. And we can make a new product with knowledge and wisdom and ideas of Japan Steel Industry. Meeting the requests and diverse demands of customers are now a matter of course. Our goal is to make things that go beyond the ideas of customers that leave them surprised and impressed. We make progress daily.


quality control

Employees of Japan Steel Industry carefully inspect products by their hands and eyes one by one whether they have problem or not and we only ship products that meet our own inspection standards that we fixed in each process to provide a stable supply of high-quality products.

quality control


  3 cutoff (shearing) machines

Shearing machines are used to cut a plank to a certain width (length)


  3 punching machines (turret punch press)

Specified punching and forming process on a fixed place of material are performed with any metal pattern.


  7 bending machines (a brake press)

Bending is performed on a thin plate.


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